Paladin Side and Dark Side Voltron T-Shirts


I've been neglecting tees for a while here. Life is just too busy. Every minute I'm not sleeping, I'm working. I work while I eat. I work while I'm watching TV. I work on other work while I work my regular job. I come up with ideas, write to-do lists, and edit posts while I play games. And if I think about it, I'd probably discover that I even work while I'm sleeping; my dreams and nightmares have been just as busy.

But the second I saw it, I had to take the time out to bring you this fantastic Voltron shirt from TeeFury, Paladin Side of Altea. And then I noticed a very similar Ript Apparel shirt from yesterday, The Dark Side of Planet Arus, also using the Voltron/Dark Side of the Moon mashup concept. They are both great, but I give the edge to Paladin Side of Altea for using the V for Voltron instead of a Triangle. And while there's some lovely detail on the lions of Dark Side, I like the simple colored silhouettes of Paladin Side.

I don't think I've had more than one Voltron shirt here. That's not to say that there aren't other worthy V tees here, or that I haven't thought about having my own giant, metal lions every day of my life since I was 9. It just hasn't happened. I'm working on a t-shirt gallery, though, and you can bet that I will have a section for Voltron large enough to represent my nostalgic love for the old and adoration for the new, hilarious version made by people who obviously had as much affection as I did.

There's a sale today on Paladin Side for $9. Tomorrow the permanent price jumps up to $20. Dark Side is $16 today and then it won't be available again. RiptApparel exclusives hardly ever come around again.

Paladin Side of Altea

Price: $9 today, then $20
Sizes: Up to 3XL
Colors: Black
Artist: Prime Premne
Store: TeeFury
Sale Expires: 7/31/16

The Dark Side of Planet Arus

Price: $16
Sizes: Up to 3XL
Colors: Charcoal or Dark Chocolate
Artist: Obvian
Store: RiptApparel (EXCLUSIVE)
Sale Expires: 7/31/16

Also available as hoodies, coasters, posters and more.


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