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The Team
Season 3, Episode 17 Recap


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In memory of Dan Schmidt, the founder of Across the Airwaves, who sadly passed away this summer. The tribute episode for him can be found here.

What can I say here about "The Team" that I didn't cover below? Undoubtedly a heck of a lot, since there's always so much going on in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I'd have to watch it again first. When I'm done with all these tweetcaps, I still have to finish a post about one of the most triumphant yet dark episodes of the season, "Maveth," and the one episode missing from my site, not including the five I have left to post before the season four premiere on September 20. I think it's a tie between "Laws of Nature," "4,722 Hours," "Maveth," and "The Team" for the best of season three and the entire series. Of course, I can only have one at a time on my Essentials list in my Twitter profile. I've squeezed a lot of shows there in that tiny space, so only the latest greatest episode is the one that gets the recognition.

Seeing as how this was such an incredible season, I wonder why I haven't been able to find out anything about a Blu-ray release. I love actually owning a physical copy with all the wonderful extras that you just about never get with a download. Someone skimped on the extras, and gouged on the price, when they made the season 2 release exclusive to Amazon, and now there's no pre-order for season 3 anywhere to be found. What's going on?

I need my extras, even though I hardly have the time for them. But that's not the point; I always love behind the scenes stuff and it's great to have them available without having to scavenge for them. Well, if there is no Blu-ray, at least I can get the S.H.I.E.L.D. Declassified Season 3 book. But wait a second, that's still not available for pre-order either. Starting to make me think it won't exist, just like the Marvel-commissioned posters that I hoped for but never materialized.

The posters sold out quickly in season one, but I guess there wasn't as much of a demand in season two, since some are still available in the Marvel Shop. It's sad, because there was some fantastic art for fantastic episodes. But maybe it was too much. They did make twice as many last year, 12 instead of 6. I had left a space on my door for a third season poster from one of those talented artists. There could have been an amazing one for this episode, which I even tweeted below. That was a disappointment. But what wasn't a disappointment? "The Team" and the entire series of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in general.

Before we start, all those italicized comments below are things I added today, long after airing on Across the Airwaves. Okay...START!


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"The Team" was definitely one of those incredible #AgentsofSHIELD episodes that had me on the edge of my seat. Well, honestly, I was sitting back comfortably, but I was clenching my jaw through a lot of it. Unavoidably, there are so many episodes I haven't written about this season; I think the last one may have been the gripping "4722 Hours," which was some time ago. I've just been telling myself that tweeting and writing to Across the Airwaves makes up for it.

Speaking of tweeting, oh, my goodness, I forgot to mention FitzSimmons again! First I thought they were so adorable holding hands and kissing, and then I was like, "No, now one of you has to die, because it's TV and no one can be happy for more than a few seconds!" Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. always finds a way to surprise me, though, so maybe that won't happen. But the stakes are so high, as always, and Hive is the evilest thing ever to evil! This series will likely be the death of me. My fingers are crossed for little Leo and sweet Jemma. May they not be separated again until sometime next season.

So, now that I've gotten that out of the way, of course I had a few more thoughts, reactions...outbursts, if you will.

My first tweet of the night was cursing the Primary results, assuming they would cut into a chunk of MAOS, since no network in the history of EVER has cut commercials or delayed a show for inane "breaking news" that could have waited until 11.

If you actually read this one, I will be so embarrassed. So...why am I including it then? I don't know. I guess just really like Yoyo and Joey together. I'm sure someone has created a fantastic name for them, but I don't know what that is.

Yes, I actually said that. Yes, I'm still embarrassed.

I mean, he was right, though. Damn jinx.

Seriously, I can never say enough about how great Clark Gregg is. Just look at anything I've ever said about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and you'll probably notice that I blather on endlessly about him. Not that anyone else is less deserving of praise; the whole cast is superb. But Coulson, and the beating heart that Clark gives him, is the reason we're here in the first place. ("Are the reasons"? Uh, grammar police, feel free to help out with this one.)

Wait, what didn't I see coming? I'm many months removed from this, and it's so hard to not be too vague while being spoiler-free for everyone who doesn't get to watch the first airing live. Need to start my rewatch soon, the one I've been trying to do for the last three years. Ooh, quick fast forward through the episode and I found what I was talking about...

Image copyright Marvel Television and ABC Studios

I would love to go through all of these and get screenshots. Visuals always liven things up.

I think I have to watch the final scene again (as if I wasn't going to anyway). All I remember is Hive talking, I think. I was busy talking about how I wanted a poster. I left a space on my door for one, hoping there would be more this year.

And on that depressing Daisy-is-controlled-by-a-"god"-in-her-former-boyfriend's/betrayer's-body-and-poor-Coulson-I-could-almost-hear-his-heart-breaking-before-the-ceiling-fell-on-him note, it's time for me to go. See you next week.


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