Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Singularity
Season 3, Episode 18 Recap


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"This alien creature messed with the wrong team. It thinks if it breaks our legs, we'll stop fighting. But it doesn't know how damn stubborn we are, especially when it comes to protecting our own. Hive is building an Inhuman army, but we're not gonna let that happen.
— Coulson, "The Singularity"

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I forgot about this speech. How did I forget about this rousing speech?! Shame on me. This is one of those moments that the show is all about. And now I'm thinking of Coulson talking about how the team was still a team, that they weren't "Agents of Nothing." Both fantastic scenes, and three years down the line, now not a desperate, heartbreaking plea but said with confidence that they were going to win.

Going through these tweets, I realized this was also another episode where the Science Babies were put at risk. It makes for great drama, but it's so intense. I don't think the fandom could handle it if FitzSimmons were ever to be permanently separated. That scene with Jemma alone with Hive made "The Singularity" another "best of series" episode. Strangely, I didn't think of "The Singularity" in my last tweetcap when naming "Laws of Nature," "4,722 Hours," "Maveth," and "The Team" as the MVPs of the season and essential episodes of the series.

But somehow even more frightening than Jemma cornered by the undying evil incarnate that is Hive was Fitz against a corrupted Daisy, which is the opposite of how I felt at first and of what I mentioned in another post. Daisy was doing her best to restrain herself because Fitz was a friend, and there's no need to kill someone when they could potentially be an Inhuman ally. But I thought poor Fitz might say or do something to force her to change her mind and unleash herself on him. And then when she broke free of Hive, she would feel the unspeakable reality and unbearable pain of what she had done. That would probably be an enormous leap in a very wrong direction for the future of the show, but it would have been a powerful moment and a horrible thing that Daisy could never come back from; a goldmine for storytelling, so I seriously feared they might just go there.

But there are even better ways they can go that don't involve losing a big part of the heart of the team. The creators know that. This series has never let me down and I never expect it to. Normally, I temper expectations, because there are so many disappointments in this world, but the people working on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. always find ways to delight, surprise, and ruin me in the best of ways.


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Only a few shows right now have my permission to try to give me a heart attack. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, obviously, one of them. Freaking Walking Dead of the Marvelverse with all the times it scares me half to death. Fortunately, my favorite people on MAOS are usually a tad safer, but sometimes I wish they would relent for just an episode. Kinda don't want to see what happens in the next episodes, pretend everything's just hunky-dory. Damn, I love this series. Can't wait to rewatch the season during the summer. Hope it doesn't destroy me with the finale. Oh, but I've always had faith in S.H.I.E.L.D. and it hasn't failed, I'm reasonably sure I'll be fine.

Okay, to the tweets! Ugh, gotta find them first. Copy, paste, copy, paste.

Edit: If we're being all cautious and responsible all the time then that's just no damn fun at all. Might as well be watching accountants account.

Edit: And my co-pilot...and my guardian angel. But no way I would have been able to hold onto my lunch.

And to think that I wanted this guy dead. Ward, not Brett. I love that Brett has had such a big part in the show after "Turn, Turn, Turn." It's not often I see a good character turn bad and then become another whole new beyond evil character after that. It's just delicious what Brett has done. Edit: Also heartbreaking, because I never imagined all this happening in the first place. I really thought Ward was becoming part of the team and bam! It was such a surprise. And Brett was able to have a great time with becoming something completely different and apart from everyone.

Ah crap, an eBay auction I was watching ended while I was typing this. 😫 Edit: Hmm, completely unrelated to anything, this was.

Don't even talk about it, because you are just tempting the writers to separate you guys...See? Well, I was almost right.

That explosives-laden vest was quite unexpected. I understand, Coulson, but damn.

Was it? Because in my mind (and dreams) he's said it like 50 times already.

Edit: ATA probably mentioned this, but I was still too nervous to listen to Nicki read my comments. There actually was a moment that was close to this in the season 2 finale.

She's not my daughter, but she's as close to family as I've got, and I will save her no matter what the cost.

~ Coulson talking about Daisy, "S.O.S., Part 2"

Edit: At first it was "she's not my daughter" (but she's the best thing in my life) and now it's "she's the closest thing I have to a daughter" (and I can't live without her). Oh, all the feels. I just couldn't help but add those parenthetical internal thoughts I imagined Coulson had. Their relationship just kills me.

Yeah, I was in a rush and totally mixed up my shields.

Oh, that was so stressful. Edit: Ooh, waaaay too vague there. Sometimes I wish I wasn't concerned with other people being spoiled; I'd be able to make a lot more entertaining observations... Then again, maybe I would be less comprehensible. You never know. I would love to go through and try to figure out what this was and get a screenshot of it, but that will have to wait. Still trying to get all these in before the premiere. Time is running very short now.

Thank you for answering my question, Hive.

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Jemma, please. I wouldn't trick you. I don't want you to end up dead like me. We don't want that to happen to you. It's in your best interest...

~ Hive to Simmons, "The Singularity"

Image copyright Marvel Television and ABC Studios. stay away. We don't want to hurt you, any of you, but we will. This is your last warning. Next time I snap your neck.

~ Daisy to Fitz, "The Singularity"

Edit: Damn it, that was such a tense scene. I was sure one, if not both, of them would die there.

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