I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all


I just realized I haven't posted anything since March. I have my day job, of course, and weekends are family time. I also have a fledgling business to attend to and recently my brothers brought me in on an unanticipated venture. So, it's not that I died; it's just that my days have become furious rushes to get things done. Because of that, I've been neglecting to share my thoughts on my favorite things. I hope to change that.

Haven't said a thing about any movies since Logan (review), which I just watched again this weekend and was again in awe of the desperate fight and depth of emotion at the heart of it. I've seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which was as amazing as I'd hoped, and Wonder Woman, also amazing and much better than anticipated. For once, I wasn't wishing Christopher Nolan had been at the helm. I never once even thought of The Dark Knight, didn't compare the two at all, didn't wish that I was a witch and could make it disappear or run from the theater screaming. It would be nice if DC could keep that up and have a cohesive vision like Marvel or at least a much tighter leash than usual.

It would also be nice to find a great Wonder Woman tee to share. Didn't look yet, though. I'm sure they're out there. I haven't made a peep about new t-shirts in months either, except on Twitter, though I bought one for myself. Which one, you ask? The one above, silly. The second I saw it in the theater, I said out loud something like, "That's a t-shirt! Someone's drawing it right now and I'm going to buy it." A few days later, it showed up at Ript. Unfortunately, CoDdesigns and Punksthetic haven't put it up in their RedBubble stores. I'll update if they do. Until then, it's available at NeatoShop.com. This is one a shirt that has to be owned if you're a fan of Guardians 2 and Yondu in particular. What a fantastic character. I never expected him to develop the way he did, but I'm so glad he did. Now this bad-tempered mercenary space pirate is in the company of another redeemed antagonist: Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead. Both were played by the inimitable Michael Rooker, so they're linked in my mind now.

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