The Blacklist
Season 4, Episode 2 Recap


James Spader and Susan Blommaert | Image copyright NBC

"You must have suffered some sick, traumatic, dark event to believe that the sick, traumatic, dark things you've done to me and everyone I care about could ever result in me loving you."
—Liz to Kirk

Project Intro:
Well, things have not gone to plan. I gave myself a project for the 2016-2017 TV season. I was going to tweet every episode of my five favorite dramas and then gather those tweets into post form, sprinkling in more commentary here and there. The only one I managed to finish was The Walking Dead S7E8, which took weeks, as is the usual for me when I get hung up on one amazing episode. So, the whole summer passed me by and I had nothing to show for it. But I'm not giving up on this project. I'm just turning it in past due, and making sure I don't have a two-season pile up by next May. Good luck to me.

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So, so often my family wants to watch as much TV as possible, and just about every show gets time shifted...including this episode, because as soon as I tweeted that, I had to pause for 20 minutes.

By now I know what happens, but I won't be spoiling it here.

Red walking in on a surgery...

I would never want Liz to really die, but maybe if Aram thinks she's dead again for whatever reason. It would be horrible to put the character through, but I wouldn't mind more scenes like in "The Director" when Aram saved Liz when she was suffocating in Red's cell or "The Artax Network" when he tried to get Red to come back to the team after Liz's "death." He's not just a standard comic relief sidekick with tech skills; Aram is a good, caring person who can be vulnerable and strong in the same moment that he's terrified, and Amir plays this beautifully.

Whenever I've seen a secondary character suddenly have many more lines than usual - speaking their mind, making you care about them more - they have not been long for this world. I hope I'm wrong this time.

Most people who cross Red deserve what's coming to them. Mr. Kaplan, always loyal to the little girl she was trusted to care for, didn't deserve this. I knew Red would do it, because he felt betrayed, but I almost couldn't believe he went through with it. Such a sad moment, and a fantastic surprise when the camera focused on Kate and we saw she was still alive. But now Red has made an enemy out of one of his closest allies, one who literally knows where the bodies are buried. I have to wonder if his aim wasn't true because of the emotions warring in him over this decision and why he didn't make sure she was dead.

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