The Blacklist
Dr. Adrian Shaw
Season 4, Episode 7 Recap


Ulrich Thomsen | Image copyright NBC

"I think you're compassionate. You believe he's your father. When push comes to shove, your impulse will be to save him."
—Red to Liz

Project Intro: Well, things have not gone to plan. I gave myself a project for the 2016-2017 TV season. I was going to tweet every episode of my five favorite dramas and then gather those tweets into post form, sprinkling in more commentary here and there. The only one I managed to finish was The Walking Dead S7E8, which took weeks, as is the usual for me when I get hung up on one amazing episode. So, the whole summer passed me by and I had nothing to show for it. But I'm not giving up on this project. I'm just turning it in past due, and making sure I don't have a two-season pile up by next May. Good luck to me.

This is one of those episodes that I tweeted a good amount, but then I didn't do much commenting afterwards to expand on those thoughts. I'm not sure why. Time must have gotten away from me. I'll try to expand on this in the future if I get to that rewatch I've been longing to do.

How about sincerely manipulative? Manipulatively sincere? Can that be a thing?

Which isn't a very helpful thing for me to say, I know. Probably best not to come to me for advice.

Liz Preps for Surgery

I guess I was so excited about the possibilities being opened back up that I couldn't spell "weren't."

Even when I don't like someone, it gets to me every time. The best example of that I think will always be Ben Linus digging his own grave on Lost. It was then that I realized that Michael Emerson was a superb actor, when he made my heart break for a villain. Now I'd definitely like to see more of Kirk, because Ulrich Thomsen killed this scene.

I see I mentioned catching up on blogging. Oh, how ambitious I was last November.



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