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Season 4, Episode 6 Recap


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When I turned myself in, I never imagined things could've turned out this badly... I knew it'd be hard, but I never expected that it would get harder with every day... Now all I see is the resentment in her eyes.
—Red to Cooper

Project Intro:
Well, things have not gone to plan. I gave myself a project for the 2016-2017 TV season. I was going to tweet every episode of my five favorite dramas and then gather those tweets into post form, sprinkling in more commentary here and there. The only one I managed to finish was The Walking Dead S7E8, which took weeks, as is the usual for me when I get hung up on one amazing episode. So, the whole summer passed me by and I had nothing to show for it. But I'm not giving up on this project. I'm just turning it in past due, and making sure I don't have a two-season pile up by next May. Good luck to me.

Normally, I have some things to say about the episode, or at least the start of it, before I get to the tweets. Something amusing or profound the episode revealed about Red or Liz or life. I'm not saying this episode didn't have that. I just ran out of time to do anything more than bring you these tweets. I promise to have more for you when I rewatch this one in the future.

Invitations Scene Track

Well, it's more likely than not in most cases, and Liz is desperate to know her past. Stop dancing around the issue and tell her the truth, Red. And us. It would be nice for the audience to know...but I'm not rushing you. Take your time. Take all the time in the world, hon, like you already have. As I've said many times before, I love the tease and all the moments that hint but never come out and say exactly. I'm looking at it from Red's perspective, and he just can't get himself to reveal the truth. I love that about him, because it hurts him too much. He's trying to save Liz from that pain and he doesn't want to lose her.

Kirk has his own Luli. I'm feeling nostalgic for season 1 and it's unexpected twists. Of course, I'm always surprised with the show, never quite know where it's going, and it does quite a job every season changing the game and bringing back that feeling of the first season when everything was new.

It hurts when Aram cries. I don't think Amir Arison gets nearly enough credit. Even though he's not the focus of the show, he's a great actor that brings a lot of heart to his performance.

Because sometimes you just have to be silly. Too much?

If you haven't, you need to go do that right after you finish this tweetcap. Season 2 is out October 27. Watch it before you come across a random magazine article that tells you in two unmissable words in large print the same week it premieres one of the most important, twisty details. Yes, I'm still sore over what EW did with the sixth Harry Potter book, revealing that a character died and who did it before my copy even arrived at my door.

Oh, Red is so stubborn, never taking others' advice about telling the truth. He needs to start moving past his shame over what happened and fear of rejection. By the way, when I say things like "he needs" or "can they finally," I'm not wishing the show would move faster; I love every "one step forward, two steps back" moment. I'm just reacting as someone who loves these characters and wish them only the best. I'm along for the ride wherever it may take us and I'm not a backseat driver.

Aram & Elise's Dinner Scene Track

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Can you imagine if they got to the end of the series, killed off Red, and only then did Liz learn about her past? Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that anymore, since the finale had a huge reveal, but I still always worry about Red's chances for survival.

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I healed only slightly from that season 7 premiere. If you love TWD (or used to), you know what I'm talking about. I won't elaborate, because my focus here is The Blacklist. You can check out my Walking Dead posts if you're curious. I love it more than ever for how they were able to put me through that horrible moment, the biggest possible test of my loyalty, and not lose me as a fan; that special group of actors give everything and don't hold back, so they never could.

The Blacklist has deeply emotional moments itself, which is why I adore it, and I never have to watch hiding behind my fingers. ;-)



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