A New Beginning
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It's been quite a while since I've ventured far from my home bases of TeeFury and RiptApparel to bring you t-shirts. In fact, it's been a while since I brought you any t-shirts. But now seemed like the perfect time, what with the arrival of this Fair that we've been hearing about most of the season and the Whisperers not going away without a presumably vicious fight.

Everything's going to change again after this, I assume. I am not caught up in the comics, because I don't want to spoil myself. Still, it's hard to be online and completely avoid spoilers; someone responded to a tweet from AMC with an image from the comics of a major character death. I hope what I saw and the deaths rumored don't come true. There will be change, as there always is when new crazies come calling, but at least we can content ourselves that there's been relative peace for the last six years, not counting Michonne and Daryl's harrowing experience with a group of murderous children.

It's a beautiful thing that Rick did, struggling so long to bring people together, then sacrificing himself for all of them, but I'm glad he's not around to see what's about to happen once again to the communities he gave so much for. Another conflict between groups, this time not because of a desperate struggle for survival, a fight over resources, but because they happened to cross paths with a warped mind like Alpha, with her ice cold eyes and spine-tingling whisper. Daryl letting walkers loose on The Whisperers and then trying to take out Beta, but not finishing the job, I'm afraid made it much worse. (I hope Dog doesn't pay for it.) There's barely a trace of humanity in Alpha; and I thought Negan was bad, before his seemingly redemptive prison sentence where he actually made a friend in Judith. Alpha is on another level. She has no friends, only followers. She is deep down disturbed and the sooner she's dealt with the better.

Speaking of beautiful things and ice cold eyes, check out the fantastic artwork below. You can get them on t-shirts, posters, iPad cases and laptop skins, and usually a number of other products.

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