I think I went a little overboard lately, buying multiple posters and shirts, magnets, stickers I designed myself, a water bottle, and a mousepad. But with Loki, I can't really get enough. Since season 1 ended, I've spent hours finding items to save to my RedBubble favorites list. Yesterday morning I found myself branching that list into a separate Loki list of favorite Variant artwork that I would love to adorn every inch of my house with, inside and out.

All this after spending hours writing about the series, which I haven't turned into a blog post yet because I keep getting distracted. A couple weeks ago my excuse was getting too busy with my business. This past week I suddenly bought a new adjustable bed frame, after thinking about it for a year, but then I had to rearrange my entire room. Now I'm doing this. Anyway, the lesson here for me is I really should do some timeline Pruning in my own life.

So, here's everything I've bought so far with some of my much smaller than anticipated tax refund I finally got the other day. In the past, I would get a small commission for purchases made through links, but apparently RedBubble shut down their ShareaSale program in the time I've been away. I've reapplied with RB, so if anything changes, this will be updated.

It's hard to pick a favorite from all of these, but I'm going with the most moving one. I love the blending of the clothes and collar Loki wore in the beginning of the series with the tears he had at the end, when all of time was on the line and his feelings for Sylvie were surfacing. The emotion of having to fight her for what he thought was right in *not* killing someone, even though it would hurt her, for once not being selfish, was a powerful moment superbly played by Tom Hiddleston. I don't know if that's what was intended, but that's what I'm going with.

© SPDRMNKYXXIII | Other awesome prints by this artist can be found at Comic Art Prints

A few hours later, I got curious about this photo manipulation and wondered what else the artist had for sale. I immediately realized that it must have been stolen as the rest of his portfolio was a couple Loki designs I'd seen elsewhere, some celebrity photos, and randomness. I found out who actually made it on Twitter through this tweet. The original has a watermark. The RB one seems to have a black box, barely noticeable, where the watermark was removed. The top part of the image was covered by a banner across the page, so I didn't notice it before. Unfortunately, @SPDRMNKYXXIII doesn't seem to be selling this gorgeous and heartbreaking work, but maybe if you ask nicely. Alternatively, I guess just like the tweet or save it as your phone's wallpaper.

Next up, and in no particular order other than following my train of thought, is a poster that sums up the series beautifully—that it's never too late to change—and does so in the fantastic TVA retro aesthetic. And I just realized, looking through my RedBubble order history, that I forgot to put "It's Never too Late to Change" in my cart before checking out this morning. Well, I have to remedy that now since they're having a 30% off posters sale for five days only and I don't know when the sale started.

© RedBubble | Available from CharCubedDesign

Continuing that theme of never too late to change: Mobius telling Loki, "You could be whoever, whatever you wanna be...even someone good," was just one of the show's numerous heartfelt moments. Another one was, of course, Loki telling Sylvie he just wants her to be okay. These stickers are not available. I made them only for me to put on a water bottle. I'm not bold enough to try to sell a quote from a Marvel show without having license to do so.

Here's that water bottle. I was so mad when cancelled my order, because I tried to put those quotes on it. After a strongly-worded email, it occurred to me that I could reorder without the customization and make quote stickers to put on the bottle myself. So, that's just what I did, though I haven't gotten around to actually putting the stickers on yet.

© Shop Disney | Available here

Speaking of things Loki has said to Sylvie, "We don't die. We survive." gets me every time. This one I didn't have to make myself because the artist took some time to include characters. So, I got it as a magnet to put on my computer. Since I rearranged my room, I can now use the other side of my PC's tower, which was a completely blank canvas for years. Please note, the crosses and x'es are an optional RedBubble watermark that do not get printed on the final product.

© RedBubble | Available from artdesign802

The first magnets I got for my computer was a nice set of the apocalypses Loki visited: Pompeii, Alabama, and Lamentis-1.

© RedBubble | Available from Abby M

I haven't seen Luca yet, but this is adorable. Mobius finally gets his Jet Ski and has the best time with Loki and Sylvie. I would definitely see this movie. Would have been great as a poster, but my computer is begging for these little pieces of Loki-inspired art. This also has a watermark that does not appear on any printed artwork.

© RedBubble | Available from kokikoz

This is one of my favorite shirts EVER and I only just got it and haven't even worn it yet. Combining "Get Help" from the hilarious Thor: Ragnarok with Loki Gator and Frog Thor from the sublime Loki is genius and I can't stop smiling whenever I think about it. Loki Gator is just so not amused by all this.

© RedBubble | Available from JohnSamaniego

Let's not forget about the posters! T-shirts were the first things I obsessed about and collected nonstop for quite a while. Then I ran out of room in my bedroom for new clothes. Now I buy them occasionally. I'm collecting more posters now. They take up less space if I put them in a portfolio, or roll them all together, and change old ones out for new ones once in a while. At least, that was the plan when I bought front loading poster frames a couple years ago. I got busy with my mom's emergency medical needs soon after, so I never got the chance to put them up. At soon as I get my batch of new posters, though, at least two of them are going up right away. This is the first one I bought. There were so many I wanted, but I had to narrow it down.

© RedBubble | Available from dennyelizabeth

Then yesterday, just a couple weeks later, I found myself putting this poster in my cart. It was a very hard decision between this poster and the other multi-character poster above. "All Loki Variants" lost out originally to "Lok1 Present" only because it was a bit too spoilery. My brother hasn't seen the show yet and has no idea about Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, or President Loki. Alligator Loki will definitely be a fun suprise, unless I happen to spoil it for him with the "Get Help" shirt before then. At some point, the need to wear that shirt will be too great to ignore.

© RedBubble | Available from astills544

Then I found this TVA poster. There's a whole series of these with Sylvie (Variant), Mobius (Analysts), Ravonna Renslayer (Judges), and B-15 (Hunters). But I can't have them all, so I chose Loki. I'd love it if there were variants of the Analysts, Judges, and Hunters posters, too, with their titles crossed out and the word "Variant" scribbled in above all of them.

© RedBubble | Available from ruthampton67

And finally this poster. I only found it just before I put it in my cart. This trickster slipped my notice when I was searching for new artworks to add to my favorites. But to own a poster giving more weight to Sylvie and Mobius, the two people in the universe right now who matter most to Loki, AND using that sort of retro futuristic typeface? This is a keeper.

© RedBubble |

And with that? Wow, I've still got a few more to go! I usually don't splurge like this. In fact, I don't think I've ever done this, but Loki was so damn good that it's not letting me think of much else. I almost forgot to include this official Loki shirt, though. It got lost in all the tabs I opened today while shopping and writing.

© Shop Disney | Available here

And I just realized that these two official designs have the exact same pose. Official merch doesn't usually have a wide array of designs, but you might think I'd have noticed. Doesn't really matter. The shirt I'll only wear once in a while, while the mousepad I'll get to see and use every day.

© Shop Disney | Available here

Oh Lord, there's another thing I forgot. This Loki art on a hoodie. It will be a great companion to the Coulson Lives shirt I got 8 or 9 years ago in the same Obama "Hope" poster style. The site that sold the Coulson shirt doesn't exist anymore, but it can be seen on a745's DeviantArt post. Over at RedBubble, she says she's open to requests. I would definitely try messaging her if I wanted another one. This old Tumblr post also mentions the shirt as does this tweet. I just really love that shirt, okay? It would be great if she brought it back for someone else.

© RedBubble | Available from bpickers

Last, but certainly not least, this gorgeous iPhone case is the first thing I actually ordered. I use my phone constantly, so a Loki case had to be mine. I will always proudly deck out my phone with Marvel. My other two cases are Iron Man's triangle Arc Reactor and the Kree city map Coulson couldn't stop drawing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. I've had them since 2018, so it's about time for something new to put in the mix.

© RedBubble | Available from lilian-taylor

For tons more Loki merch, check out Amazon. These four items caught my eye, especially the really cool record clock.


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