I Got a Bag of Bones From Klout


I can hardly believe I actually got a useful Klout perk so soon. I joined not too long ago - sometime in the summer maybe - and connected my Twitter account. I never expected to get anything out of this, especially considering I'm fairly new to Twitter and don't have a ton of followers. In fact, the first perk I qualified for didn't pan out (see related post). But I guess it works after all, since I just got a copy of the A&E movie tie-in large paperback version of Bag of Bones. I love this book, and Stephen King, so suppose I'll read it again now that quite a bit of time has passed. As I type this, the second hour of the mini series is recording and playing very quietly on my TV.

For those unfamiliar with Klout, it calculates your influence across multiple social networks. You are then assigned a score and can get perks when you reach certain levels. Hope I can get to 50 some day, which can mean cooler stuff. Actually, I was there a month or so ago, but my number dropped before I got any perks and is currently holding steady at 43. A bit frustrating, but it's great to see that surprise email that says you can get something for free, and all you really had to do was sign up and chatter away like normal.

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