Thank You, Fringe


The fall finale of Fringe, "Wallflower," will always be remembered, but not for the reason I wish it would. I never thought I would only half pay attention to an episode of one of my all-time favorite shows. There really is a first time for everyhing. I've always put all else aside and devoted every bit of my attention when the delightful team of Noble, Torv, Jackson, and Nicole are lighting up the screen. But in this episode I missed some things that were happening and I remember even less now, except for the twisty last scene. This is through no fault of the writers or actors. My mind kept wandering back to my great uncle's wake, from which I had just returned, and ahead to his funeral the next day. I was also stuggling to stay awake from the physical and emotional drain of the day. At some point I will watch the episode again, but probably not any time soon. Thank you, Fringe, for always being there and trying to take my mind off a family loss for a little while. Rest in peace Uncle Bill.

Originally posted 11/24/11. I wanted a new title, but URLs can't be changed, so I reposted.


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