Fringe Winter Finale Tonight


I haven't posted in almost a month because my time has been monopolized by a single post I've been working on about Fringe. You'll find out why it took so long when I finally publish it. For now, watch Fringe and tweet with certain hashtags and check-in with new phrases every week. Also, please thank the advertisers so they know that their money isn't wasted, even if you don't buy their product.  They stick with the show when viewership is at its lowest. Please help to make sure they continue to do so.

The Twitter and GetGlue campaigns are courtesy of "Fringenuity." Go to to read about this attempt by fans to extend the life of this amazing show so that it gets the ending that it deserves.

Be sure to watch "The End of All Things" tonight. It's the last new episode for a month. Tweet with the hashtags #Fringe and #LoveIsTheAnswer, the overall message of the entire series, and go to for special Twitter icons.


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