Help Save Fringe Tonight


Support Fringe tonight on Twitter with #ObserveItLive, starting at 7pm Eastern and Pacific, and check-in to GetGlue with "Pea Coat." Leave a lot of comments. The goal is to get these trending. Go to for more information.

Even if you haven't seen this incredible show yet, but you thought you might one day, don't let it go down without a fight. It needs at least five seasons to finish the story. We're up to episode 10 tonight, "Forced Perspective," so that means it's half over or just about.

If Fox and Warner can't come to an agreement, then there will not be enough time for a truly satisfying resolution. We've been assured the writers have an end game they can implement for the finale, but since the season so far has been spent in another timeline, and what seems like at least a few episodes more, I believe that sudden cancellation this far in will make the last few episodes feel forced and abrupt, contrary to everything the show has been.

Please help support Fringe, even if you may only one day a few years from now decide to watch out of boredom, because, I promise you, you will get hooked by the middle of the first season. Though the fan base is small, we're passionate for a reason. If you love drama, this has poignancy to spare and, like life, a lot of laughs. The characters are unforgettable and the actors have given many Emmy-worthy performances. The fact that it's also science fiction should matter only if you cannot stomach anything disturbing, because, while so much revolves around the science, the focus is family and stopping the madness. That's why we love it and why so many more should.

And for those of you who already get it, there is a wonderful recap/review of "Enemy of My Enemy" at

If you just can't watch live, there's always your cable company's OnDemand channel,, and Hulu. Episodes are available 8 days after original air date and you can watch the last four episodes. Haven't even started yet? Get season one on Netflix or Amazon.


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