Fringe's Brave New World


Northwest Passage 3
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Recently the name of Fringe's finale changed from "End Game" to "Brave New World," which reminds me of the end of season two. Does this mean they seem more optimistic about renewal? Maybe the finale, instead of being a true ending (all problems are resolved and everything is in its right place), leaves an opening for a fifth season. Weeks ago the writers said they had time to wrap up the show if Fox and Warner came to an agreement soon. Now there are only four episodes to go, so there is no longer that opportunity. There won't be a decision until May, a fact mentioned in this article. What is never in doubt, though, is it'll be a finale that is definitive so we're not left with a cliffhanger, but one that finds a crack for season 5 to shine through if renewal is granted.

While waiting for the end to come, help us to convince Fox to renew Fringe by participating in this week's Fringe Twitter and GetGlue event for "Letters of Transit." Use the hashtag #FightTheFuture during the show.

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