Fringe Fans Ask Great Questions


If you're a Fringe fan and somehow don't know, Fox has been doing a series of videos called "Fans Ask Fringe." You get to know a bit about the wonderful people behind the characters, where they answer any odd thing you can come up with, such as Pecoln (see below), and reveal their personalities. "Spoiler:" They're witty and gracious.

I haven't seen them all yet, because life gets in the way, so here are three of the best from this season. It is absolutely adorable how the first three people in this video say they would take home cast members. I would do the same.

Remember, it's Fringe Friday! Please try to watch live tonight and help trend the show on Twitter, if you can, with the hashtag #AcrossTheUniverse starting at 8pm EST. One hashtag per tweet only. If it's renewed, thank Fringenuity for their innovative campaign that got the attention of Fox.


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