Letters of Transit ~ Move Along


These are my favorite scenes from last night's "Letters of Transit." All episodes of Fringe are a treat, every actor having such chemistry and skill. This was no exception. But once again I must say, there's something special about John Noble (Anna, too, but it wasn't her episode). He impresses more each week, somehow topping himself by doing something new, showing us another aspect of Walter. In this 19th episode we are treated to the simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking brain-damaged Walter.

If you don't watch and you're not interested after this scene, I just don't know what to do with you.

Video Spoiler: If you're not yet a fan, I don't suggest ruining the experience by watching this final scene of the most recent episode. Fringe should always be watched how it was intended. You might see it coming, like I did since they kept dropping hints, but the jouney is always well worth taking. Joshua Jackson does a tremendous job with the few lines he's given. His sudden realization about Etta was beautifully acted, which is certainly not a rare occurrence on this show.


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