Will Walter Remember?


Will Walter remember Peter now that Olivia does? Jackson says they kind of gloss over everything else and never get to that. I loved the original timeline, but I trust that the writers know what they're doing. The season is almost over, so soon, and yet it took so long to get Olivia to where she is now that I wouldn't want them to force an unnatural end like that, with Walter suddenly and conveniently remembering his original timeline. Walter is still Walter, even if he is missing three years of experience, and the tender moments (see video) between him and Peter are just as affecting as they always were. If the series ends after the next five episodes, Fringe fans will be fine knowing that the love was always there, holding everything together. But if it's renewed, I don't doubt that next season they would have Walter either remember or try to find a way...probably involving drugs, and lots of them. :)

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