Found the Dragon Shirt


The family and I went to the Big E last weekend. It was a great time when we were younger, with rides, free shows, and animals. Then life got in the way and we skipped it for a long time, but we've gone for the past three years, mainly for the fried everything. It's the one time a year where it's okay to eat ridiculously. Hopefully, it will become a tradition since I haven't had the fried lasagna yet.

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I saw this beauty after being unable to find the shirt I wanted last year. I found it in one of the outside kiosks, maybe half way to the Avenue of States. It might have been Atwood Studios, but the Big E's site lists seven t-shirt vendors. Keep an eye out for it if you happen to be going on this final weekend.

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And there it is. Found it at the end of the day. I went into the wrong building earlier. This is the one I wanted last year, but the family was walking away and the booth was packing up. I thought about it all year long. Though, I swear it was green. It could, of course, be a different version, but no matter; it's a great shirt. You can find it at the Celtic Heritage Productions booth with Marcille Wallis in the Young Building. Marcille happens to be a fine musician, which I didn't notice while I was there, because I was so focused on the shirt. You can also find these shirts and many more at The Mountain.


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