It's Been an Incredible Ride, Fringe


Tonight is the beginning of the end, a too quick sprint toward the finale in this shortened season, a hopefully joyful, possibly heartbreaking (almost certainly both) end. Actually, the beginning really was last season's terrific "Letters of Transit," but "Tonight's 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' is the continuation of the beginning of the end" doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way.

Actually, I've been bracing for this for a long time, since it started getting juggled around the schedule, was ignored by so many, and was continually passed over for Emmy nominations. Like Peter, it's as if the show doesn't all but us few. But I'm holding out hope that the people of Fringe, never ones to disappoint, will put more than everything they have into this final, no doubt breathtaking chapter, and maybe more will finally have no choice but to give in and give it the respect it deserves.

I'll show my respect by watching the premiere with this t-shirt on. ;)

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I'll also be tweeting with the hashtag #TheyAreHere and using one of these icons. You can read the Twitter event rules here.


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    I’m sad to see Fringe come to an end, but at least we
    won’t have to worry about the show becoming watered down by having too many
    seasons. I’m sad that I’ll be catching the show a couple of days from now—AND I
    don’t have an awesome shirt to wear. I do, however, get to have a Fringe viewing party on Sunday with some
    friends that work with me at DISH. I’ll probably watch the premiere on my
    Hopper DVR a half dozen times before it gets old. Do you think the finale will
    be a happy ending? I would definitely applaud a realistic ending, but I feel
    that I’m in the minority. Either way, my DVR has plenty of room, so I’ll be
    saving the entire season to it, along with many other shows this year.

  2. I just wish there was a way for my favorite shows to continue to be so great and not ever get watered down. Sadly, that never happens. So, though, I am sad about this, I'm also a bit relieved, especially since now we won't have to be constantly worried about whether or not Fringe will be renewed. We only have to worry about the end. But with the way it's gone so far, I don't think Wyman and the rest of the team know how to disappoint. I think it will be some kind of bittersweet but beautiful ending that fits the show perfectly. But incredibly joyous and triumphant would also be very welcome. ;)

    BTW, love those Hopper commercials. My DVR is so puny, though it seems Cox has done something with the compression.  Every show, both standard and HD, now takes up half the space it used to. Wish it could record more than two channels, though.


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