Fringe Will Always Win with Me



I saw this in my email this morning and got excited. The first one I recognized was Walter. Fringe shirts are few and far, far between. Still, the design is so strange that I wasn't going to get it, especially since I got two shirts in the last two weeks and my wallet is still reeling from my August shopping spree and will again with the purchases I need to make this month (taxes, Avengers, Dave Matthews Band's Away from the World, Mumford & Sons' Babel, Fringe season 4, et cetera).

Edit, 9/12/12: Crap! Just found out that Joachim Witt is releasing "DOM" this month. That's another $30 at least.

I started reading the comments and saw that some were loving the design and some were not, and some were getting it even though they didn't quite get it. I immediately thought of the episode "Ability," where skin grew over a man's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, so this actually fits the Fringeverse well. And it is sufficiently creepy while also being somewhat cute. I also saw a comment from medoragrace and so I went to Twitter and found out that she really wanted me to go to TeeFury today. That and the fact that the designer said he wanted to "provoke a feeling of restlessness, tension and suspense" decided it for me and now I love it.


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