The Inescapable Alexander Siddig


Well, at least I wish he was in everything. Don't know what I was typing today, but whatever it was made me think of Syriana. Not because I ever saw it, which I didn't, though I wanted to. What I remember about that movie was a quote from the great Doctor Bashir (Alexander Siddig). Wow, I actually just pulled that name out of thin air. I haven't seen Deep Space 9 since it was canceled.

That's another missed opportunity for G4, which recently announced they're doing another overhaul. They're probably getting rid of those last few shows that make them watchable. They could have played so many things instead of their incessant Cops, Campus PD, and Cheaters marathons. I only ever watched for X-Play and recently I re-watched all of Quantum Leap. They killed Call for Help when they changed from TechTV, so I've hated the channel since 2004.

Wait, I came here to share a quote, which is one of my favorites. Maybe I can find it again. Haven't seen it since it was in Entertainment Weekly in 2005. Oh, that's why I thought of Vertical Limit the other day. Didn't have a clue about the name. I guess he was in it. Of course, he probably died. Ahh, here's what I wanted.

The most important thing was to expose the guy's heart to the audience, to show that he had a beating heart as fragile as anybody else's.

-Alexander Siddig

Bonus quote from SciFiAndTVTalk, just because I decided to look for a couple more interviews. This is about his name change from Siddig El Fadil.

Most of the time people introduced me so tentatively that it made my heart break.

-Alexander Siddig

Aww. I never found his name difficult to remember. In fact, the change is what confused me. I still call him by both names.

Maybe I thought of this because Siddig has another movie soon, Inescapable. According to IndieWire this is his first starring role! I hope it works out for him. He's been leading man material for quite a while. The only reason I know about the movie is that Joshua Jackson is also in it. Fringies have been drooling. And so, I just turned this into another Fringe post. Yay, for all of us! Will I ever be done with that show? No. Never. And don't you ever think that ever again. ;)

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