For the Record Campaign for The Recordist


I almost forgot to write about week's Fringenuity campaign. (See the rules here.) I was so busy with designing a Fringe tribute knife, and the rest of my time was nervously waiting to see if I had jury duty. I didn't. Yay! My third time being called, while it seems like they don't know the rest of my family exists.

Episode 3, "The Recordist," will be using the hashtag #ForTheRecord. Sarah Proost has made a beautiful set of icons that references the amazing last three minutes of this season's premiere, a scene no fan will ever be able to forget. I don't even need to see any others. It was an easy decision. Picking between the colors was a little bit harder. I wanted blue for Fringe's main color, but I went with red for how much heart this show has.



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