Fringe TV Guide Cover and Ambergrams


I don't get TV Guide anymore, but I voted in their fan favorite cover poll anyway. Fringe will never win, though, because it never wins anything, which is baffling to me. We've had to make our own awards (Blue Moon Awards, which I missed; Ambergrams, to which I donated). And probably every one of the other shows in the running has more who will vote as many times as they possibly can. I will not. My time can be better spent heaping praise upon the creators and actors here or on Twitter. It just usually doesn't pay to get into an argument with people on Facebook or elsewhere, something I'm very familiar with seeing as how I've been writing a response to one for the last 10 months.

I was about to leave a comment to someone who said "fringe sucks !!!! The Vampire Diaries ROCKS!!" (Because, you know, the use of multiple exclamation points will surely convince others.) But I stopped myself. It would be useless. I've never seen more than the first episode of Vampire Diaries, because it didn't grab me the way Fringe did and there were too many other shows. It's great that she has a favorite show, but to spew hate for another without knowing anything is just ridiculous. This is some one who obviously doesn't know flawless acting when she sees it, or, more likely, she hasn't seen a single episode and is just fangirling. Anyway, I'm not getting into it, but I am going to share the comment I left after I voted.

While I watch five of these shows, no one deserves a cover more than the poignant, fun, and intelligent Fringe. It's the final season and the fans have been very vocal, doing everything and more (Fringenuity hashtags made it into the broadcast!) to keep it alive long enough to write a satisfying ending.

When you're done with the voting, why not consider donating to the Ambergram project? They're more than half way to their $2,500 goal, but they need some help to make it for filming's end in November.

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