Fringe Binge Time


Of course I forgot to post about today's final Worldwide Fringe Binge. Oh, well, I've been very busy with getting ready for Christmas. I didn't even know it existed until a few months ago. I wanted to take part. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to, but I have to watch a couple at least. Good thing there are 97 episodes to go through over the next four days. Sadly, I have yet to buy season 4 and I didn't get it for Christmas, so those will be skipped. And my DVR randomly decided to delete the first two episodes of this season, even though they were set to be kept. More on my crappy DVR later.

We already said goodbye for now to our favorite actors earlier this month. Soon it will be time to say goodbye for now to our favorite story. Let's remind ourselves why this will be so hard by experiencing everything again from the beginning, from the first tear, the first laugh, the first cringe. Watch along with other Fringe fans with this schedule, adjusted for different time zones. If I were to start today, like I hope to, I would watch the pilot starting at 4 PM EST.


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