The Way It Was Meant to Be


"If I go on with you (by my side)
Can it be the way it was when we met?"

I'd heard The Killers' The Way It Was a few times before, but the lyrics hadn't clicked yet. As I drove past Olive St. on the way home from walking my brother's dog, I was thinking of Fringe, of course. I ended up listening to it over and over. This is how the entire final season has felt (the entire series, really) and even if it ends well, I will now always think of Peter and Olivia whenever I hear this.

Even the parts of the song that really have no parallels in the show I could picture. I saw a scene with Peter and Olivia lying on Walter's car under the stars, near a runway, maybe with a plane taking off ("Glatterflug" on the side), a representation of Etta in the sky, and September somewhere in the background. Maybe I'll draw that one day.

"All of our plans are falling through.
Sometimes a dream, it don't come true."

I was hoping someone had put the song to a Fringe video, but I can't find one. So, here are the last three I watched: one beautiful tribute, one incredible Observer Peter piece, and one very sad Olivia montage. They are perfect.


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