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I really do. Just to reassure myself, I was reading more interviews in which Joel reiterates how much he loves Fringe. Puts my mind at ease every time. I found a couple of great interviews yesterday that somehow slipped past. Why did no one tweet me these?! The first one is the best I've ever read. I really wish I had transcribed this. I'm jealous of the person who did.

Executive Producer J.H. Wyman Previews the Fifth and Final Season of Fringe

"The story that I’m constantly telling is that the heart is an organ of fire and that you can’t stop it from feeling or connecting."
"Never in my career have I got the support for what I’m doing any more than I have on FRINGE. So, I mean I got to tell you, as an artist, it makes you feel, 'Wow, people are feeling things that I’m feeling in the world and we’re all sort of concerned about the same things because you guys are telling me that.' That’s very satisfying."

'Fringe' Joel Wyman final season Q&A: "It's hopeful at the end"

"That's the only thing I can give... my own heart and my own soul..."
"Maybe time will tell, you know, down the road we'll look back on Fringe and people will say, 'Wow, there were truly some great performances and some inspirational storytelling and those guys were really trying'. That's how I feel about it."

Also, Science Channel is playing "Snakehead" next Tuesday at 10PM EST. I'm not sure if I've said different before and am now contradicting myself, but that episode is the one where I knew Fringe was unmissable. I had seen every episode up to that point, but I had only grown to really like the show. That turned to love when I saw Walter alone on a bench. I realized at that moment the depth of John Noble's talent and the growing bond between the beautiful and vulnerable characters.

And this year, after finding cast and crew on Twitter, I discovered how full of heart Joel Wyman is and how he has put it all into the show, how much he loves it. And how sweet he is. Usually I don't even know what the writers of my favorite series look like, let alone feel that connection usually reserved for the actors. I've read a few of his interviews before, but never actively searched them out. I was more looking for John, Josh, and Anna. I already knew their work and was enamored with it, but this season I also realized the depth of Joel's talent. And, wow, did his TV Addict interview make me blush...while reading it silently in an empty room. Joel is very big on heart, which I knew already just by watching the show; the writing credit for "Brown Betty" went to him. But while I'm someone who turns red and breathless at the mere mention and will only say the word out loud if I'm conversationally backed into a corner, he's the kind of person who can say it five times in an beautiful ways.

To those who have doubted Joel Wyman, who have questioned the decisions made on Fringe, he's not the only person responsible for the directions the show has taken. I personally feel every part of this journey has been magical and I gloss over (or forget) any flaws that others nitpick, because what matters is this family trying to stay together through twisted and difficult circumstances. I take it as a whole, epic, intimate, inspiring, and gorgeous story. I am completely in love with Fringe. So, I disagree with anyone who still thinks that Peter's disappearance didn't work. It made the story that much more gut-wrenching. It made fans come together from around the world to create an inspired and emotional video. It wasn't about erasing hard-won relationships and character development. It was about what makes us who we are, who makes us who we are. I knew as soon as it happened that it would set up a struggle for him to return to a world where no one remembered him, a path to walk down to find out that he didn't really need to go anywhere, that these people were the people he loved and they needed him.

Yes, that was season four stuff, but I came across more of the complaints while looking for interviews and needed to comment. Joel doesn't want to hurt us. He wants to tell an amazing story, and he has. I know he'll pull off a perfect ending, even if it's one I never wanted, or imagined I wanted, because he is an expert storyteller. He knows how to break and mend us without it feeling like manipulation. It's obvious in his writing, interviews, and fan interactions that Fringe is very important to him.

Six episodes to go now. I don't want it to end, but I can't wait to see how much more emotion Joel can fit into Fringe before we part.

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My own comment I left at about their assessment of "Brown Betty" being one of the 8 most important episodes of Fringe in which I mentioned the first article.

"It happens to be one of my favorites, if I had to choose, for being so unmistakably about the heart."

I Love the Series Finale Title

Thank You, Joel Wyman


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