Though Fringe is Ending, Keep Looking Up


Here it is, the final Fringe Friday. I will mourn the passing of this incredible, brave, heartbreaking show. And I will celebrate it for all these reasons. It never got the audience numbers it deserved, but it certainly got fans who gave everything they could. Normally I can keep on and on about Fringe, but this is a time to rest.

"The fight is done. War is won. Lift your hands towards the sun."

30 Seconds to Mars, This is War

Please use the hashtag #KeepLookingUp an hour before the first of the final two episodes airs. "Liberty" will start at 8PM EST followed by "An Enemy of Fate." The second hashtag is being kept a secret by Fox. Watch it live and find out what it will be.

A few of my tweets from last week...


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