I Want to Observe You in This Shirt


 photo i-want-to-observe-detail_84387_cached_thumb_-928107ac47da4bc345a3edd84ac43cf3_zpsbfaa5514.jpg

It took me a few seconds to realize what other breed this Fringe shirt was crossed with. I knew "I want to Observe" sounded familiar... Oh, yeah, The X-Files! I've seen the poster dozens of times, but not any time recently. Perfect not just because they're both great sci-fi, but also that I remember people were complaining in the beginning that Fringe was just a rip-off of that far better show that did everything first. They were so wrong. Sadly, Fringe didn't last as long, but I feel great with how it ended and that it actually got a series finale instead of being dropped after the end of a season like so many other shows.

I wish I could add this to my collection, but my wallet and closet won't stand for it right now. I am definitely bookmarking the artist's Red Bubble page for later. Hopefully, it will be around until a better time for me. But you can get it today for $10. Shipping starts at $2.98.


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