Shaun Vs. the Entire Cornetto Trilogy


 photo 1389976895_right-threeflavours_zps07f830a7.png photo 1389976807_left-shaun_zpsb0b2f62c.png

Always when I'm least able to afford to buy things, the best shirts become available. Both of these are great shirts. I would choose the Three Flavours Crest, though. It has the best of all three of my favorite movies...except for the fences. Why no garden fences?! But it's available in three different colors: red for Shaun of the Dead, blue for Hot Fuzz, and green for The World's End. I hope this one is available on the artist's site at some point. It's certainly going on my wish list. Until then, it will be in wallpaper rotation on my desktop. These shirts are up for only another 12 hours, so don't wait unless you also have no money and must rely on faith that these will be so popular the internet will demand they be brought back one day or that they will be sold on other t-shirt sites, like RiptApparel.

THREE FLAVOURS CREST can be found at Arinesart's RedBubble store.
LEGO SHAUN can be found at Brinkerhoff's RedBubble store.
Both shirts start at $25.52.


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