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Clark Gregg retweeted this interview yesterday. It's probably my favorite of his so far and it's not specifically about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which most people would expect right now, but he still mentions S.H.I.E.L.D. because it's impossible not to ask this humble, funny guy about the greatest gig ever. If you've been following him on Twitter then you may have heard about Trust Me, a movie about a washed up agent finally finding the gifted child actor that could turn it all around. That child actor is Saxon Sharbino, who really is terrific, as the few of us who watched Touch can attest. But I can't wait to see this one mostly because of the talented Mr. Gregg, who we wrote, directed, and starred in the movie and is sure to have put all of his heart into it.

Here are highlights from the interview, some of which concern Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Don't forget to watch tonight. There are only three left this season after "The Only Light in the Darkness." If you don't watch this series then you are missing a performance with great emotional range, a perfect example of which comes in Providence. I doubt he has any trouble showing the emotions Trust Me seems to require, especially after reading this review. Gregg is one of those actors I'd always loved to see, and one day I realized he was one of the best. He absolutely deserves to be headlining a show and he's got the talent to be a multi-hyphenate.

After I finished the first draft, my partner, who's a wonderful casting director, Mary Vernieu...said, 'This is a role you have to play.' And I said, 'Because he's a big loser, is what you're saying.' And she's like, 'Yes, but he's your kind of loser.  Nobody can make a loser feel like he has some heart like you."

It never really felt like it was about show business, even though it absolutely is. And it just felt like it was about innocence.

I just wanted Sam [Rockwell] to be in anything I ever did. I had such a great time with him in Choke. We've known each other since we did plays together in New York. He's the kindest person I know and certainly one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

On Coulson and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's been such an amazing journey. You know, he was a little cameo that they expanded, and suddenly I was doing a scene at the end of Iron Man 1 where Pepper Potts was thanking me, and as a comic book fan, I nearly died on the spot. There's so many times when my heart's nearly stopped.

"I'm a very unlikely 52-year-old action star at the moment.

We finished the final episode two - three nights ago, at midnight. And I always have the dual roles: I get to do it, I get to perform it, and as a fanboy I'm sitting there going, 'I am so upset that I tell anyone what I just did... It's killing me.


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