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Nothing Personal :: Art of Level 7
Season 1, Episode 20 Preview


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It's Thursday again. You know what that means. At least, you do if you've read my Art of Level 7 posts for the last three Thursdays. It's time for the fourth lithograph in the Art of Level 7 series, which means there are only two more after this one. I have limited funds, so I may not buy this one, though it is a beauty that I'm sure will sell out rather quickly. (Read more about it at I'm trying to wait for "Beginning of the End" since it's the finale and will likely leave me yearning for the second season immediately.

I'm anticipating "Nothing Personal" to be another emotionally-charged episode. Skye is trapped with Ward, and I spied a hug between Maria Hill and Coulson. I don't know when Coulson will apologize to May, but seeing as how they are working together in Ragtag, I anticipate he will try sometime soon. Any of these final episodes will have fantastic material for beautiful artwork.

Don't forget to use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping this week for everything in the Marvel Store. I tried it already and it worked. This poster goes on sale at 1AM PST on Friday morning. Last week there was some snafu and it wasn't up until many hours later, but the previous weeks it was right on time. There are only 100 prints available of each, so don't wait. The first and third prints sold out, but the beautiful Providence, depicting all the characters and a lost and broken team, one of the most emotional episodes, is still available.

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