I Had No Idea


Thank You!

I didn't check my Shareasale.com account for a little while, so getting a check in the mail today seemed completely out of the blue. I didn't have nearly enough in there back in February. Never imagined orders suddenly flooding in. Thank you very much to the people who ever bought t-shirts, hoodies, or anything at TeeFury, or who many one day buy something from RiptApparel, through one of my links. I hope you enjoy them! And now I can feel better about having spent money on an Art of Level 7 poster, which eventually will probably turn into two or three posters.

Remember, if there's ever anything wrong, don't hesitate to request a refund. I got to keep my Son of Coul from RiptApparel (still have to fix it), along with my money, when I found a hole in it. They responded quickly and courteously. Since they work similarly, both sites having designs available only for a day, sometimes two, and therefore nothing to replace a defective item with, I would expect TeeFury to do the same.

If you'd like to check out all the shirts I've posted, they can be found under my t-shirts label. There are even more at Pinterest that I wanted but didn't have the time to talk about. Many of them are no longer available, but I'm slowly going through them to see if they're on sale elsewhere.


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