All Work and No Play


...makes Jack a really frightening and deranged boy.
 photo 1399001859_b-MCO-Jack_zpsf9298870.png

Normally I have a lot of things to say about a shirt for those who may not be sure what it's all about, but this is pretty self-explanatory. Why couldn't this come out around Halloween, when I might have some money again?

Wait why are you still staring at it instead of buying it at TeeFury? Are you're lost? Okay, that's Jack Nicholson. The shirt references The Shining. Directed by Kubrick. Original book written by my favorite writer Stephen King. Go read it and watch it. Yes, do both. They're are some major differences. But by the time you come back this shirt will be gone. You only have until the end of today.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY is not yet available anywhere else, but Benny Graphix is the designer. Maybe ask him nicely to make it available in a store like Red Bubble.


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