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Oh my goodness! You're kidding me, right, RiptApparel? I don't have one cent I can put towards this now. Why must you always (by always I mean just twice) put out a How to Train Your Dragon shirt when I've just spent my money on something else. I don't have one yet even though this is one of my favorite movies. I hope Toothless wins this versus. DaMasks is somewhat interesting and I can spy Iron Man, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, some I don't care about, and others I've seen but can't place. It's a good design, but I don't even know why it's up against Hello Night Fury. They aren't similar in any way.

Today's shirts are on sale until the end of the day and they start at $10 each. Shipping starts at $2.98. If you miss them don't worry, you'll have another chance tomorrow, but they will be a bit more expensive.

Hello Night Fury is now available for $20 in Roylemontea's Teepublic store.

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  1. I'm the designer of Hello Night Fury, wanted to say thanks for your nice write-up on our design.


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