Haunted Old Impala


 photo 1401319345_b-MCO-Impala_zpse830a549.png

I'm getting to this one really late, because of lots of work. It will be gone at the end of the day. Cool glow in the dark. Scooby Doo style very similar to the artist's previous work on Haunted Old Van. Kinda funny with the ghosts haunting Baby. Wait a sec...this is sad. I don't want to think of her that way. And of course I have to assume that's Dean and Sam in the car. *tears* Now this is making me think of Supernatural ending. That will be a haunting day indeed. Okay, must think positively. Even if the worst comes, I have to believe that Dean will always come back for that Impala, roll his sleeves up, and get to work. No matter how it turns out in the end.

Haunted Old Impala isn't available anymore, but maybe you could ask wytrab8 nicely to put it up in her RedBubble or TeePublic store.


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