Trio of Toothless Tees


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Don't worry, this blog hasn't become all about t-shirts. But, come on, you know it's at least half about them. T-shirts and TV: I really should indicate that somewhere. Admittedly, for the last month there have been only posts about torso coverings. I've been super busy helping to plan and pull off my parents' 40th anniversary, finally spending serious time learning more about domaining than I have in the last decade, and applying for another job. So, sadly, TV and drawing knives have been pushed to the side for the moment. I really need to finish my posts about the finales of The Blacklist and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., too.

But first I have these great tees to tell you about. Well, you can see them, so I don't really need to tell you about them, do I? I already passed on a How to Train Your Dragon shirt a little while ago because I'm trying to save. It was a hard decision, because it's one of my favorite movies and Toothless is one of the most adorable characters ever. And today he's on not just one or two shirts, but three! How can I not get one? While Gotta Train Them All and How to Train Your Experiment 626 both make me smile, I think it'll have to be How Not to Train. The six different scenarios keep making me giggle.

You can get one, too, at RiptApparel. Hurry, though, because this is a 24-hour+ site. The design is available for a day at $10 and the next day it's $15 until noon. After that they are laid to rest in the graveyard.

HOW NOT TO TRAIN now available for $25.52 at Doomcat's Red Bubble store.
GOTTA TRAIN THEM ALL (A.K.A. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR MONSTER), a collaboration between Harantula and Naolito, is available for $19.95 at


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