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Dear Random Vendor at the Agawam Flea Market, I never would have known these exist without you. Thank you for putting them in the front of your box of series-based comics from the '90s that no one wants so that I spied them while passing by. I have no idea about the actual quality of the stories, but just I could not pass these up. Quantum Leap was one of the best shows of my childhood. It was the first I ever started watching on my own. Before that I loved MacGyver, Air Wolf, Knight Rider, Voltron, and so many more (always have been addicted to TV), but those were shows that I was plopped down in front of or those I got into because an adult was already watching. It's not too often a 10-year-old makes a great choice in television, but Quantum Leap was a fun, exciting, strange, sad, social commentating, dramatic, imaginative adventure with two wonderful leads full of warmth that holds up today...except for a laughably bad guest star here and there. Oh, my God, I was 10. That was 25 years ago. Quantum Leap is 25 years old!

So guess what I'm going to have to do now? Buy as many of the rest of these as I can. I see a few cheap ones on eBay...and I bought them. I now own 8. If you're a Leaper yourself and never knew of these comics, you can get copies right now on eBay. The three issues in the photo are also available in Amazon's marketplace: Quantum Leap #4 : The $50,000 Quest (Innovation Comics), Quantum Leap Comic Book #9, and Quantum Leap #11 For the Good of the Nation


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