I Declare This Day Firefly Day


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It's a bunch of Firefly goodness today. Never seen it? Wonder what all the fuss is about? These shirts come around nearly as often as those for Doctor Who, another incredible series. That should tell you something about the quality of the show, its ideas, and the unwillingness of its fans to let go, for good reason. It lasted only 11 episodes (out of 14) on Fox, which hardly ever gives anything a second chance after the network actively screws their first chance completely. Yet it spawned a movie, Serenity, to wrap up a storyline with themes such as found family, freedom, and the consequences of government secrecy and control. That it takes place in the future aboard a rundown spaceship, hopping between worlds in a future frontier that looks a lot like the Wild West is just a glorious sci-fi tinted bonus.

Smuggler Rum, The Mighty Jayne, and 8-Bit Leaf on the Wind are available today for $10 each. Get them before they're gone. The fourth, another Leaf on the Wind, I have posted before, but it's worth noting that it's still available. By the way, the phrase "leaf on the wind" always makes me sad. Fans know why. And I think it's time for another rewatch. I wasted so much of my summer not doing that.

Smuggler Run is now available at TeeKetch's Red Bubble store for $26.91.
8-Bit Leaf on the Wind is at KindaCreative's Red Bubble store for $25.52 and TeePublic for $14.


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