Guardians of the Galaxy Tees Today


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I have a new favorite movie! It's another from Marvel, of course. They have tended to just about rule my summers since 2008. If they keep churning out hits, I'll keep devouring them like the sweet and savory treats they are and get more familiar with this wonderfully rich and diverse stable of stories. As I've mentioned a few times before, I didn't had no allowance as a kid and never discovered the wonderful world of comics. Guardians of the Galaxy is one I would have adored. It's an incredibly good time. It's funny (a word that doesn't do it justice), charming, and filled with personality. There was so much to love and laugh about and, like the best of them, even things to get misty-eyed over. Humor and heart is always a winning combination.

I love the selection from RiptApparel. Get your Guardians Far Away, Lord Soldier, and/or Warriors of the Stars today starting at just $10 a piece. But I can't possibly get everything there is. I have to choose wisely. I wish I could get the "I am Groot" shirt that I added to my wish list quite a while ago. I never bought it because I was waiting to see how good the movie would be, and I didn't notice somehow that it was a Comic-Con exclusive or I may have taken a chance on it. Since it was insanely great, I would happily give away some little green paper in exchange for a depiction of scared raccoon and an adorable tree, but my size is no longer available. There are still Men's Medium and Women's Large for only $12.95. Ooh, I can get a 6x10" print on eBay! (And I've bought it. I deserve something for working hard lately.) I think I have a few inches left on my walls beside the Fringe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Harry Potter, and Dark Knight Joker posters. I would also love some always amazing Mondo posters, but I can't possibly spend another $45 to $60 a pop like I did before, and the best one with Groot is sold out anyway.

So the minute I published this, TeeFury sent me an email about their own Guardians tees today. Why didn't I think to check them before? Anyway, Soon in a Galaxy Nearby and The Raccoon Nebula I like even more than the RiptApparel shirts. I may have to get one, even though I already bought the "I am Groot" print.

Guardians Far Away is available now at BadEye's RedBubble store for $26.59.
Guardians Far Away is also at TeePublic for $20.
Lord Soldier is available now at Juanotron's (JuanFoo) RedBubble store for $26.59.


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