Mystery Spots, Guns, and Ale


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Supernatural season 10 starts tonight. Are you kidding me? 10 years already?! To celebrate, TeeFury has not one, not two, but three SPN shirts today. Sam and Dean have been through so much. They lost their mother. They lost their father. They lost Bobby. They lost Castiel, the angel who started off far less than human but became family, and then got him back. Dean died over and over again in The Mystery Spot a la Groundhog Day. They both went to Hell along the way. Sam was taken over by Lucifer. Crowley, simple crossroads demon turned King of Hell, has been an amusing and dangerous thorn in their side for the longest time. More evil than evil Leviathans got out. At the end of last season Dean became a demon. And so much more. Through all the tears and the fear, there have been a lot of laughs and it's been a lot of fun. That's all I have to say about that since I have to run off to work. But wow, a decade. Even though I love it dearly, I never would have imagined that a little show that started on a little network would gain such a following that it would last this long.

The World Famous Mystery Spot by fanboy30, Dark Ale by tee_rex, and Winchester Colts by MitchLudwig are now on sale. I particularly like the one for Mystery Spot, out of all probably my favorite episode. These designs are also available on hoodies, onesies, posters, and coasters. The t-shirts start at $10 today and tomorrow they'll be $15. After that you'll have to wait for the artist to put them up on another site, like RedBubble, TeePublic, or Neato.



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