13-Tee Limited Collection


Edit: As of 11/1/14, all links are updated and direct to RedBubble rather than TeeFury.

A few days ago I celebrated the start of the epic season 10 of Supernatural with three shirts from RiptApparel. What a milestone. Today we all can continue that celebration with TeeFury's Gallery curated by These designs are all available until October 14 for $15 a piece. There are also four great posters that are $11: The Demon Within, The Tortured Soul, Hunter's Guide and Hunter's Guide 2. I particularly love The Demon Within, because that's Dean's journey this year. Edit: Wow, they actually resolved the demon thing quite quickly rather than taking the entire season. Good. I like Dean with a soul much better. I'm sure there will still be a struggle with the mark of Cain, though, especially since the show mentioned it. ;)

Turducken Slammer is not available, but periodically check Tom Kurzanski's store at RedBubble. It may be for sale again in the future. Dean's Drive-Thru Diner and Castiel's Holy Honeybee Honey are at Etsy, which I am not affiliated with, so I have no photos. They're being retired and may not be available when you click the links, but these designs are also on pillow covers (Dean/Cas) in Unicorn Empire's Etsy store.

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