Iron Man Versus The Flash


Yeah, I Can Fly Iron Man TeeSpeed Lightning The Flash Tee

There are always so many t-shirts out there that I would like to talk about/to own, but there just isn't time/money. I'm making at least some time for this TeeFury battle, though, which lasts only until the end of the day. I would buy both of them if I hadn't just spent so much on my renewed Doctor Who obsession. I've loved that show since I was a kid and public TV played it, the family gathering to watch the incredibly long-running, imaginative, adventurous, strange little British import. Unfortunately, in the past my degree of obsession has waned a bit with there being so much time between new seasons and life getting in the way of rewatches. But I'm determined to not let that happen again. Capaldi was so tremendous, as lovely as anyone before, and I got an issue of Doctor Who Magazine for Christmas to fuel the fire. Now I've bought a bunch of back issues, and the Blu-ray of series 8 of course, and I have to curb the spending for a bit.

Wait, what am I doing? I should be talking about the shirts for anyone who's actually still reading. When Tony Stark was wounded in the first Iron Man and found out he was a walking dead man, when he got serious, when he talked about protecting the people that he put in harm's way, I was reminded how great of an actor Robert Downey, Jr. is. To bring gravitas to the superhero movie genre, which no stranger to bad scripts and stiff acting, is a great feat. I just realized I don't have any dedicated Iron Man shirts like Yeah, I Can Fly by fj209. I have a mashup Iron Man/Mario Star shirt, though, called Star Powered, which is still at Shirt.Woot. That makes this no spending thing even harder. You may say it's just $11. Yeah, but saying that every time tends to add up very quickly.

The Flash shirt, Speed Lightning by kharmazero, is also really well done. It's not quite the same old symbol you've seen hundreds of times. This one looks like the Flash running circles with him there at the bottom of the lightning bolt. I don't know why these two were paired today, other than being comic book heroes who wear red suits, one metal, the other not quite so much. One's in the movies, the other TV. One's a playboy billionaire with lots of toys, the other a lovelorn 20-something with super speed. One's Marvel, the other DC. But for me it makes a certain sense, because they have one thing in common -- heart.

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