Fringe Left Us Two Years Ago


I already retweeted this video from @DannaAissa. Then a little while later I decided I wanted to Pin it, because I haven't done much with my Terrific Television board since last summer and I was there already adding some Doctor Who. Then immediately after I pinned it, I wondered why I hadn't thought of at least mentioning the second-year anniversary of the end of Fringe, a show I used to endlessly talk about. It's one of my all-time favorites, but I feel like a bad fan having not had a moment to rewatch in so long. I need to do that, because Fringe is one of the most emotionally true and beautifully acted shows I've ever had the pleasure of falling in love with.

If I ever have a chance to start drawing again, Fringe will have to be one of my first subjects. Walter and Peter in one of the many precious father-son moments? Olivia remembering Peter? Maybe something about Naked Tuesday. I don't know. For now I can at least honor it with a few more words (among the few thousand I've already written), someone else's superb video editing skills, and four great t-shirts from RedBubble that are available below. There were never enough t-shirts celebrating this superb series.

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