TeeFury Super Gaming Collection


TeeFury Gaming Tee Collection

TeeFury has an exclusive gaming tee collection that I thought was just until February 2. But I guess that was to get them at a sale price. They are all still available as of July 24th for $20 each. You can check out my two favorites at ConsoleLife.com. I don't mention games often, because I mostly write about TV here, and a bit of movies and music and whatever random thing pops into my head. There's hardly a moment to write about anything else, but I play them as much as I can. Recently, I've rearranged my work schedule (because I can) just so I can play more. For quite a while I would go weeks without playing because I had so much work and I was getting distracted with other things. I finally figured everything out, though, so I'm happy.

I started a blog specifically for games to be more focused, and I had a domain I wanted to use. I kept notes for the past three years while playing, but I almost never found a few moments where I could edit them into something coherent. Things don't always go how you envision. Hopefully, I'll have more time now since I quit a job that I just couldn't do efficiently anymore and once I finally get my updates here live. Reinbeast.com will be moving to a new template (after some tweaking) that is actually responsive. After that I can stop fiddling and devote some more time to talking about games.

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