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Season 2, Episode 12 Preview :: Art of Evolution


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You want her, you go through me!
~ Phil Coulson

Oh no, it's Friday again already. I'm going to be saying that for the next ten weeks, because that means I have a regular schedule to keep with posting these. It means I need to dedicate a chunk of work time in the morning, and I am not one who's good at wrapping things up quickly. I talk and talk and talk.

This print depicts Lady Sif, returning in the next episode, "Who You Really Are." She must play a big role in it seeing as how she's the subject of the print, with the team splintering before her, as they did at the end of last season at the hands of Ward and which they have not fully recovered from. This is gorgeous, as they all have been, but will I buy it when there are ten more yet to be revealed? Hmm, that's a tough call. I would love to have the entire run of twelve, but I can't justify spending $600 to decorate my walls in nothing but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. So the print has to jump out at me as something unmissable. I would rather one of the team be the subject of the artwork since I don't know what kind of emotional impact the episode will have until it airs, and I can't know if this print will represent that for me. Last year's run of six were all fantastic and representative of the series and the astonishing changes and betrayals it was going through. So far these have been just as high quality, but I have to choose very carefully. If you have the disposable income, then go for it! Maybe eventually I will collect more on eBay, at an an enormously inflated price because of their rarity.

I'm kind of wishing I got the last one (and I still could) since "Aftershocks" was another poignant episode. Everyone is mourning Trip, "the embodiment of the principles [Coulson] wants S.H.I.E.L.D to be built upon...compassion, loyalty, and heart," which are all Hydra's weakness. Simmons is afraid of losing more people and blames herself for ever wanting to make sense of alien technology in the first place. Coulson is just trying to keep everything and everyone together, ruthlessly going after Hydra being the new modus operandi. (We cut off the head. And while Hydra scrambles for a new one, I will crush them!") Mack is blaming Skye for going down in the city and Coulson for giving orders - though that is kind of his job, being the head of the organization he's been tasked to rebuild. He seems barely able to restrain his anger, maybe a residual influence of the tech that Gemma is now determined to eradicate.

You're different now. There's nothing wrong with that.

Meanwhile, Skye is trying to hide what she's become, terrified of what her team, her family, may do about her, the emotion of this situation beautifully portrayed by Chloe Bennet. Poor Fitz puts the pieces together, finding out that Skye's heart rate was 300 bpm when she changed, says that's inhuman, both of them in gasping tears, then runs out on her when she can't control her new powers. That was one of the best moments that these two characters have ever had together, followed by Fitz coming back to help cover up Skye's change until things calm down, and they share a sobbing hug. I thought I couldn't love Fitz more and Iain De Caestecker knocked these scenes out of the park. This is one of my favorite series not just for the imagination, but for talented actors who feel the words rather than just say them. And then there's the coda. Is there even more betrayal in the works from characters we trusted?

Well, that's about it for now. I can't spend all day on this. As always, these prints are priced at $49.95 each. So, you can't get free shipping with code SUPERSHIP unless you spend another nickel. Last time I bought a Captain America tee at the same time, because it cost a bit less than the shipping would have been, so why not? Look around and you may find something you just have to have. And if you missed last week's Aftershocks, it is still available at Marvel Shop. I have no idea how many are left, so it would be best to hurry.

For more about today's print, head on over to Entertainment Weekly or ScreenRant.


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