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Oopsie! Binge Watchers Collection is a seven-day sale, and I'm finally getting to it with only four days left. I’m sorry. Life is just too damn busy. I’m actually working right now. Got a webinar going on and it’s a bit hard to concentrate, so I’ll make this quick. My favorite shirt here is Open Your Mind by 6amcrisis, because it has Walter Bishop. I miss Fringe. I love Breaking Bad, too, but I've seen these shirts a number of times. They will probably come around again. And the Arrested Development shirts are hilarious. Inspector Spacetime, from Community, is also a great one. I would actually get all of the tee I mentioned if I could.

I don’t know how it would translate to a t-shirt, but I would love one for Bosch. I binged on that show (happy birthday to me!) and I’m going to do it again. Titus Welliver, as I’ve already mentioned in a post and in so very many tweets, is incredible in the role. He made me fall in love with the character in one episode and now I need all the books...and the shirts. Someone has to make me some Bosch shirts.

[Edit, 7/24/15]  I also just binged on Daredevil. I had a bit of difficulty getting into it, because I was constantly interrupted during the first three episodes I tried to watch and it took me a couple months. Yes, months! I almost gave up. I just never could find the time. But this week I watched the other ten episodes. I used any moment I could find: during every commercial break, while waiting for my humidifier to fill, and when I should have been sleeping, the same as when I was losing a lot of sleep in June to Twin Peaks. After episode four I was hooked. Charlie Cox was the conflicted Daredevil, Matt Murdock, who actually takes as much punishment as he dishes out, which is a whole hell of a lot; Elden Henson was adorable and hilarious as Matt's bestie, Foggy Nelson; Deborah Ann Woll was the vulnerable yet stubborn Karen Page; and Vincent D'Onofrio was mesmerizing, poignant, and terrifying as Wilson Fisk. All gave top-notch performances.

If you missed the sale, not to worry. These shirts are all still available. They just cost a bit more now at $20 each instead of $17.

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