Why So Post-Impressionist?


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Oooh, this is a damn fine shirt. I think I have to get it. I have Heath Ledger's Joker on my wall, but I don't think I have any shirts with that calmly psychotic, scarred and scary mug on it. You'd think I would since any time I think about him, which is still quite often even 7 years after it came out, I have to tell someone how perfect he was. Wait, how has it been 7 years already? Anyway, Heath gave a superb performance full of menace, humor and eerie unpredictability. He was The Joker, damaged and deranged, the epitome of what that character ever could or will be. I'm not trying to take anything away from Jared Leto. I'm sure he'll do fine, maybe even amazing, in Suicide Squad, and he's obviously going to be quite a different interpretation. But Ledger owned The Dark Knight without being a caricature of a real person and I will forever be grateful for that.

I could talk all day about The Dark Knight and Heath's command of it, but I have to get to ordering this shirt and then get to work. I also have to ask my brothers if they want one. [Edit: Yes, of course they did.] If you can't get enough of The Joker either, Why So Post-Impressionist? by Tony Centeno (who also did a gorgeous silhouette of Walter White called 'Baby Blue') will be available until the end of the day at TeeFury starting at just $11 from small to large sizes, $12 for 2X and $13 for 3X.

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