It Felt Like Christmas


As The Muppet Christmas Carol says, it feels like Christmas "in the giving of a gift to another." I saw these t-shirts and had to buy them for my brothers. They weren't expecting it, because we don't usually get each other presents, especially when money is tight. The best part was their laughter over the bonuses: a poem for one and a very short story for the other, both about the trials I endured in the search for their gifts.

A great shirt I wanted
For cheap
So a journey was started

Almost as soon as it began
It ended
With a knight who is dark

But Christmas is near
I thought
Would it give my brother cheer?

The game of chess he doesn't play
Oh no
And the color is wrong, light grey

Screw that, mine it will be
I said
If something better he sees

And merry will be the day

[And the Story Continues]

Then it dawned on me. I can't get one brother a Christmas present and leave the other with nothing, not again. So this arduous undertaking was once more...undertook. 

For days I slogged through the darkest corners of a room filled with Webs of a sort that would terrify even the most stout-hearted of men. At turns I hacked and other turns slashed through the dense underbrush until I stumbled across a treasure that I was determined to keep. 

But the sentry stationed there, the Geek of Thinking, asked of me, "Is this a gift?" And then my senses returned and I resolved to ne'er again be so selfishly least for a small while.

And merrily we rejoice and be glad.

If you want one of these shirts for yourself, The Dark Knight can be found at Shirt.Woot and Shaun of the Dead's I Got Wood is at ThinkGeek.


  1. Both are great shirts and the poetry and prose are nice touches that not many people do any more.

  2. Hi Bill! Thank you. I didn't even plan to do it that way. I got one brother a set of large AC/DC glasses last year (perfect for beer) completely out of the blue, but I found nothing for the other, since it was a last minute thing. I couldn't do that again, so I was very happy when I came across the "Shaun of the Dead" shirt. Unfortunately, it turns out there was a rip in the side of that one that I noticed after my brother tried it on. I swear I checked it over before wrapping.

    I just got a replacement from ThinkGeek, but it was Shaun's Foree Electric Uniform Shirt (; of course, I chose for him the one that was discontinued and they no longer had in his size. Good thing is that they told me not to bother returning it for this reason and gave me a credit, so I can just sew it and give it back to him. Bad thing is I had to pay for shipping again.


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