Red is Back From the Dead


Speaking of Young Dubliners (see last post), I've had Red since I got it from SwapaCD quite a few months ago. But the Post Office cracked it with their oh so gentle handling of packages, the reason why only half of all my magazines come ruined. No, that's not a really old picture. Yes, I still have tapes. Not enough DVRs in the house yet. I also have a Walkman that still works. Perfect for books on tape I bought a while ago. :) The crack is about an inch on the outside edge of the disc and didn't go through the label. I swear I tried it before telling them about the damage and getting my credit refunded, but maybe I just assumed it wouldn't work and didn't bother checking. This same thing happened with a brand-new copy of Rod Stewart's Human that I bought at Media Play back in '01, which stopped playing after a few seconds. That one turned out to have a crack all the way to the hub. It's typical that I would find the one broken CD with a pristine case in the entire store.

I know the background is out of focus. You don't need to see my crappy nail anyway. I thought you'd be much more intrigued by the backs of my 18-year-old Jurassic Park posters, a Think Geek receipt, Ozzy's Scream and Muse's Black Holes and Revelations on the shelf, and dust. Oh, and there's the crack by my thumb, reflecting the flash. For some reason I kept Red all those months, maybe as a reminder that I still had to buy it. Maybe just because I can be a bit of a pack rat. I was about to throw it away during my weekly room cleaning ritual,(it never ends!), but for some reason I put it in my older CD drive, which seems give less errors, and it started playing. I was sure I'd hear a horrible noise before the song ended, but it played perfectly. The next song started and I was positive this time that it would not get through. Wrong again. iTunes was able to record the entire disc. The only time I heard a few small skips was on the track "Neverending (Instrumental)." Yay! I got to listen to songs I'd been waiting years to hear and save a few bucks. Awesome day for me. Yeah, I could have gone to YouTube, but it wasn't the highest priority, so I never thought about it when I was there. Too many things to do in a day...or 4,192 of them.

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