Not Without the Piano Guys


I liked Glee in the beginning, at certain moments even loved it, but now I have a "meh, I'll keep watching for new music" attitude about it. Good thing I did, because last week featured a song by David Guetta: "Without You." Searching for the song brought me to this.

The Piano Guys - performers Steven Sharp Nelson and Jon Schmidt, and production team members Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart, and Al Van Der Beek - are one of those discoveries that has me wondering how I lived without them and why they haven't yet infiltrated movies and TV. At first listen I was hooked. This usually happens a couple times per year or less, so it's a very special occurrence. The last I think was in December 2010 with Mumford and Sons. There's been new music I've loved since then, but for whatever reason I didn't follow up and check out more from those artists.

Steven and Jon, on the other hand, I cannot possibly forget. They seem personable and are undoubtedly passionate about the music in their beautifully shot videos, the joy of it written on their faces, their hearts completely invested. I wish they had some recognition beyond YouTube. Anyone who reads this and then listens to the music I hope would want the same and start sending suggestions to their favorite talk shows. I sent mine to Ellen.

Bonus Songs!

Not that I didn't love "Rolling in the Deep" before, but I want to hear Adele sing it backed by this wonderfully talented pair.

This one is a cover of Coldplay's "Paradise," a beautiful version sung in multiple languages. You can download it for free for a limited time. The link is at YouTube.

And I just realized that Steven (cello guy) reminds me of David Hewlett, so that's a plus. Hehe! It turs out someone at agrees with me on that.


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